MIAU 一般社団法人インターネットユーザー協会





About MIAU

Established in 2007, MIAU (Movements for Internet Advanced Users) is the foremost organization to defend digital rights in Japan.

Our Goals

  • To convey to the general public information on legal aspects of Internet and digital technology, and its influence on their lives
  • To bring technological expertise to the policy making process in Japan
  • To collaborate with other digital rights organizations and related groups worldwide

How MIAU Started


Our Mission

MIAU aims to express and share views to the public, in areas focusing on technological development and convenience of the Internet and digital devices to be maximized. We believe it is important to realize the following type of environment for users of the Internet and of digital devices :

  • An environment enabling users to realize creative activities and to develop new technology.
  • An environment within which institutions protecting the existing legal system do not restrict the development of technology.

In order to realize the above environment, we gather opinions from users of the Internet, as well as those of digital devices and other technologies, and make policy recommendations to legislators based on our findings.At the same time, we also initiate activities aiming to improve information literacy to the level required of users in today’s Internet society.